Leather and Linen Document Bag

The leather and linen look was so popular and with good reason. These Italian crafted bags are both stylish and utilitarian. The slim design of this cross body document bag was a perfect addition to the Travel and Safari line and was featured in catalogs in 1987 and 1988.  Pictures from a February 2018 eBay […]

The Ex-Hunting Bag

From Holiday 1986, the Ex-Hunting bag is a generous leather purse made in Italy, inspired a hunting bag found in Milan. Thanks to blog reader Lauren for sharing hers with us!  

Traveler’s Sport coat

Sporting eleven pockets in high quality Egyptian cotton this sport coat was designed to look good under any circumstances and carry just about everything you’d need to overthrow a small country. Current Ebay Auction

Women’s Leather Money Belt

This attractive and practical english leather wallet and keychain belt is so perfectly Banana Republic Travel and Safari I’m surprised it wasn’t a staple of the catalogs for years. Instead, as blog-reader Eli pointed out, this was only seen in late 1986 (Fall and Holiday Update). Note the classic BR logo stamp on the backside. […]

Door Handles That Never Forget

My favorite things to collect are actual pieces from Banana Republic stores. The most interesting piece I have literally opens the door to my collection. These tusk shaped door handles were taken from a BR store when they transitioned away from the safari theme. I attached them to an Ikea display cabinet that houses my catalogs, artwork […]

The Gamekeeper’s Bag

This remarkable photo was sent in by designer Louisa Voisine, who organized fashion shows in the mid-80s to promote BR to the entertainment industry at the Beverly Hills store, creating the BR Studio Services Department. The late model John Allen McClatchey III is posed with a Gamekeeper’s Bag. The Gamekeeper’s Bag is a jute mesh […]

Memos to Kevin re: Banana Republic

“Hi Abandoned Republic! I’ve the day off so wanted to get these treasures to you ASAP. They sort of tell a story of a starving artist (me) negotiating the perilous deep waters of the business world in the big city of  San Francisco during the early 80s. “ –Kevin From the archives of staff artist Kevin Sarkki we […]

Expedition Shirts

Keeping track of the various shirts BR made can be tricky. At first glance they often look the same. The key feature in the Expedition Shirt is the angled pocket flaps. These photos are from a May 2013 eBay listing.