Banana Republic Catalog #32, Summer 1987

We are now working our way through the Summer 1987 Catalog “Expatriates”. One of BR’s most memorable covers, this tightly rendered, delightful illustration by H. Craig Hannah, a Bay Area illustrator and a graduate of CCAC in Oakland.  Many of the figures are instantly recognizable–Mark Twain, Ernest Hemingway, Pable Picasso and Josephine Baker. Livingstone the Zebra appears twice, at the chessboard and in Picasso-esque form on the sketchpad. A key to all the players is found on page 4.

Banana Republic Catalog 32 Summer 1987 Cover by H Craig Hannah

Page 2 of the catalog is not especially remarkable, the Adirondack Shirt seems like a new item. The thing that jumps out from a historical perspective is the popularity of the hooded Bush Vest with the Mujahadeen in Afghanistan. Allies change sides but a good bush vest is a constant.



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