Banana Republic Catalog No. 16 Holiday 1983

All aboard the Christmas train. This cover by Kevin Sarkki adds to the BR vehicle fleet. We’ve got Jeeps, Bi-planes, and now a Kenyan steam train festooned with Christmas decorations. Awesome. This is the last of the monotone catalogs. #17 would bring the full color treatment to the BR catalog as the new infusion of Gap money fully hits the company.

Banana Republic Catalog  #16 1983 Holiday by Kevin Sarkki

Now with 5 stores, BR is on the rise! Still plenty of surplus to pour over, including these British Civil Defense badges and armbands as well as Franco’s famous butt-kicker pants. The photojournalist vest is the first of three versions of what is arguably BR’s most famous garment.


Not one but TWO pages of aviation-worthy goods in this 1983 holiday catalog. Check out the sheepskin flight helmet and jacket along with the crazy cool “Trigger Mittens”!


Check out the entire catalog, it’s full of rare gems and old favorites. Norwegian String Vest? Hell yes!

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