Door Handles That Never Forget

My favorite things to collect are actual pieces from Banana Republic stores. The most interesting piece I have literally opens the door to my collection. These tusk shaped door handles were taken from a BR store when they transitioned away from the safari theme. I attached them to an Ikea display cabinet that houses my catalogs, artwork […]


Collections: My Dad and Banana Republic

As I’ve said before, I was first introduced to Banana Republic by my Dad, Roger, in 1984 or 85. He had been living in the Western Alaskan bush teaching school in Yupik eskimo villages since 1977 and returned to New Mexico for summer visits every year. I’m not sure, but I imagine he had some […]


An Amazing Vintage Banana Republic Collection

This catalog archive has definitely inspired me to start collecting vintage Banana Republic stuff, but it’s also put me in touch with other Banana Republic enthusiasts which has been a real treat. Vintage clothing collector JT shared his Banana Republic collection with us, stylishly displayed on a leather armchair straight from the Bengal Explorer’s Club […]


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