The Pith Helmet

The Pith Helmet was a staple of Banana Republic from the very beginning. While it was likely a popular novelty buy, the BR helmets were authentic Indian imports. They were also something that people seem to hang hung onto, as they are surprisingly common on eBay, where you will see a few variations in interior […]

Lambskin Flight Helmet

This item is classic Banana Republic, it was featured in almost every catalog. Fairly impractical, it appeals purely to the eccentric, dress-up fantasy aspect of BR. How could you NOT want one and yet…how often would you actually wear it? A flight jacket yes, but the helmet and aviator scarf? Only on Halloween, right? No…not […]


Banana Republic made some classic hats. Hats so distinctive it took actual nerve to wear them in public. As the archive grows you’ll note that the Lambskin Flight Helmet was in inventory for many years. Only at BR could an Amelia Earhart helmet be a staple of the line.