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Book: The Banana Republic Guide to Safari and Travel Clothes

This 1986 book from BR features a lot of photos of BR Stores as well as the Zieglers themselves. We have scans and video walkthrough of the book. 


In Their Heyday: The Zieglers at Home and Office (more press below)



The Zieglers At Home and at the Office, January 1985

A fantastic look at the founders of Banana Republic in their prime. Metropolitan Home Magazine.



Staff Interviews


Sarkki Business Card

Witness to BR History

Hired by Patricia Ziegler at a starting wage of $5 an hour, Kevin was witness to the explosive growth of a mom-and-pop operation that would soon have over a million catalog subscribers and stores across the country and world. Kevin’s remembrances include a detailed account of how the catalogs came together-with so much hand drawn illustration rendered in printing techniques that are practically forgotten today.

Press Clippings from the Ages

Wikipedia’s Banana Republic entry:

Here’s a video clip from a Mel Zeigler speaking engagement in which he shares some great anecdotes from Banana Republic’s early days. Wish they’d have panned to the screen to show the photos!

Here’s a fantastic blog post that appeared the same week that I launched this site. Banana Republic Summer 1985

1987: Adventurous Shoppers Find Niche at Specialty Stores : The Experience Is Like an E-Ticket Ride at Disneyland



  • Nancy Zizic on April 21, 2016

    I think I remember Banana Republic multi level store, one floor dedicated to travel books, in San Francisco (maybe Union Square)….best store ever…cannot remember year but I think this was my first exposure to Banana Republic. I still have a BR Travel vest…..best travel investment ever.

  • Nigel McKeone on May 4, 2018

    I used to see adverts for BR in Road & Track magazine whilst living in England and Australia. A holiday in the USA gave me the opportunity to visit the Beverly Hills store where I bought the travel vest and my son bought the Navy equivalent. They still hang in my wardrobe today. The concept of the store was brilliant, all the styles were classic. Great to be able to see what they used to stock in the catalogues. Regards Nigel

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