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I grabbed this froma Yahoo news story. Been looking for a while to find a picture of the old BR stores. Please share any photos you may have!

Click here for the  latest articles coming out about  Wild Company, the Ziegler’s Memoir. 

Here’s a smattering of earlier articles I’ve found online about Banana Republic’s history:

Wikipedia’s Banana Republic entry:

Here’s a video clip from a Mel Zeigler speaking engagement in which he shares some great anecdotes from Banana Republic’s early days. Wish they’d have panned to the screen to show the photos!

Here’s a fantastic blog post that appeared the same week that I launched this site. Banana Republic Summer 1985

1987: Adventurous Shoppers Find Niche at Specialty Stores : The Experience Is Like an E-Ticket Ride at Disneyland

These two tell a story, eh? La Times, March 1988: BR Launches Travel Magazine One month later: LA Times, April 1988: BR Founder’s Resign

Mel and Patricia Ziegler
Life has been a grand safari for the founders of Banana Republic

Reveries Magazine

New York Times: AT HOME WITH/MEL AND PATRICIA ZIEGLER; About to Hatch Their Third Republic

And lastly, Oprah has this: Amazing but True

Regarding the rebranding of Banana Republic:



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