The Gamekeeper’s Bag

The Gamekeeper’s Bag


The late model John Allen McClatchey III is posed with a Gamekeeper’s Bag, evoking memories of Clarke Gable.

This remarkable photo was sent in by designer Louisa Voisine, who organized fashion shows in the mid-80s to promote BR to the entertainment industry at the Beverly Hills store, creating the BR Studio Services Department. The late model John Allen McClatchey III is posed with a Gamekeeper’s Bag.

The Gamekeeper’s Bag is a jute mesh bag perfect for stuffing a freshly killed pheasant or hare, or for for toting around some tomatoes and apples. Louisa remembers the great actor Jimmy Stewart using his BR Gamekeeper’s Bag for shopping at the Beverly Hills Farmer’s Market before reusable bags were in vogue.

Look for a new article on Abandoned Republic all about Louisa and the crucial role the Studio Services Department had in the growth of the safari era of Banana Republic.

A reader from our Facebook page sent in these photos of his Gamekeeper’s Bag, which I had never seen in outside of catalog drawings before. The distinctive mesh bag was sold in catalogs in 1984-85.


Banana Republic Gamekeeper’s Bag


Banana Republic Gamekeeper’s Bag strap detail


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