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The BR Ventilated Shirt was originally manufactured for the British Army for use in tropical outposts. The cotton shirt is soft and light with an intricate weave to allow breathability. Introduced in 1984 it was sold in both short and long sleeves until 1988. Interestingly, the earliest long-sleeved “Authetic British” version was made in the UK, while the short-sleeved version is imported from India. On Page 108 of Wild Company, Mel and Patricia mention contracting with the manufacturer during their first visit to the U.K. and that story is repeated in the catalog copy By 1985 the long-sleeved version is also being made in India. Toward the end of the run in 1988 they make no claims about origin, suggesting they might have gone to another, cheaper source.

The example below from my collection is one of these early U.K versions sold in 1984 . Note the large BR tag and the interesting additional yellow and pink tags in the collar.



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  • JMH on September 7, 2013

    Glad to see the site is getting updated again. Was a big fan of the old Banana Republic stores and bought my share of clothes (including a ventilated shirt or two) in the Houston, Austin and Philadelphia stores. Still have some and they have made it with me to the exotic places I had only read about (safari in Kenya, Angkor Wat, Machu Picchu, etc). Keep up the good work.


  • jeff on August 27, 2014

    Does anyone know of the availability of the British Ventilated Shirt? I have been searching in vain and can’t find one anywhere. Specifically a long sleeve in large or extra large. Any links or stores would be very helpful. Thanks!

  • jim burrill on March 17, 2016

    The fabric is called Airtex and What Price Glory sells British Army spec replicas – along with a host of other historically authentic pre 1950’s items.

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