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Fall '87

Portmanteau Jacket

Available in Fall and Holiday 1987, the Portmanteau Jacket is another fine example of waxed cotton outerwear sourced from England. It is lined with cotton flannel and interlined with a layer of thermal polyester fabric for extra warmth. As indicated in the catalogue copy, each jacket was accompanied with a tin of specially formulated wax […]

Possible Costume Relic from Hollywood?

Spotted on ebay: A Correspondent’s Jacket made from Expedition Cloth, featuring a Universal Studios barcode label inside the collar. I suspect this was owned by the costume department, then eventually culled from the collection like a discarded library book. Unlike a dogeared tome, however, the jacket appears to have little wear. This particular variation of […]

Men’s Shoulder Patch Shirt

This rather odd shirt likely hails from the early post-Ziegler years, when the company was trying to figure out just where it stood in the fashion world. The example shown here is more in keeping with the Ralph Lauren look than Classic BR, and it’s a good companion to that curious jacket we’ve dubbed the […]