Banana Republic Catalog #26 Holiday 1985 Cover Key

I asked Kevin Sarkki for the backstory on the 1985 Catalog Cover and provided him with a key to identify the people in the image. For more about Kevin check out the interview with him.

The Holiday 1985 cover was perhaps the most collaborative cover. The logo/masthead featured Primo Angeli’s design punctuated by Patricia Zeigler’s “Banana Star” emblem. By this time Terry Stelling was acting as the department design director. He approached me with the concept, that I believe was the wish of Patricia, to bring together many of the main office employees, famous artists and writers, in an adventuresome scene depicting the historical British empire. I photographed some colleagues, and other pics were provided (hence the unknown #10). A collage was created with these and Victorian clip art. Then a repro house copied the collage onto a paper which I tinted using watercolors. Terry worked with graphic designers and writers to get the type design and message just right.”

1) Ed Strobin  

2) Rob Stein

3) __anonymous Victorian clip art

4) Debbie Goldstein

5) Helga Braun

6) Amelia Earhart

7) Leonardo Da Vinci

8 ) Ernest Hemingway

9) Donald Fisher

10) __ unknown*

11) Bob Fisher (one of Don’s sons)

12) Teddy Roosevelt13) Albert Einstein

14) Joanne Synder  

15) Mike Madrid and Peggy McGovern (Un-numbered)

16) Jeff Daly

17) Terry Stelling

18) Lisa Weiner

19) April Funk

20) Beki Caddel

21) Barry Klingerman

22) Jack London

23) Randi Silverman

24) Robert Louis Stevenson

25) Jeff Johnson

26) Kathy Meyers

27) __ my anima**  

28) Patricia Zeigler

29) Mel Zeigler

30) Julie Smith

31) Sandy Mullins

32) Mark Twain (or Samuel Clemens)

33) __ tribal clip art

34) Pablo Picasso

35) Dennis Colbert

36) Rudyard Kipling

37) Bonnie Dahan

38) Rose Gwilliam

39) Bill Richins

40) Jane Greenberg

41) Andy Gordon

* unknown, though she may have been a member of the Fisher family as she was positioned near Don and Bob.
If your site gets a large following it may be fun put a call out to all visitors to help find the identity of this person.

** I was nearing the end of my tenure at BR so I chose not to place my image on this cover, instead, I created a
female image, think of her as my anima (Jungian concept) with stylings inspired by Italian painter Amedeo Modigliani.

~Kevin Sarkki


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Robyn Adams
Robyn's fascination with Banana Republic began in 1984 when her Alaskan adventurer father began buying the clothing and giving her the catalogs. She loved the clothes and as an artist she was drawn to the illustrations. She went on to study illustration at art college in BR's hometown of San Francisco and worked for years as a background artist for animation. She is now based in Oakland, CA as a graphic designer and illustrator with Secret Fan Base . She's been collecting and archiving at Abandoned Republic since 2011.

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