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Banana Republic Catalogue #3 1980 Winter/Spring (Tiger)

 The third catalogue features a very striking tiger drawing from Patrica Gwilliam and it showcases a growing company in the hands of two excited (and no doubt exhausted) entrepreneurs.  One of the items that jumped out at me is the Australian Bush Jacket, which I believe is the piece that inspired the entire business when [...]

Scarves and Bandanas

Banana Republic Safari Scarves and Bandanas: Featured Items Banana Republic Scarves and Bandanas Looking for a particular scarf or bandana? Scroll through all of the catalog pages!

Banana Republic Catalogue No. 2

The second BR Catalogue was produced for the Summer of 1979 and shows the new little company bursting at the seams with excitement and creativity. One of the first things that jumps out about this early catalogue is how graphic it is. The cover is bold, with  two contrasting colors and none of the drawings [...]

Minister of Finance Checkbook Cover

One of the surprises I came across in Catalogue #1 was the Minister of Finance Checkbook Cover, which is a concept that would be revisited in the 1985-87 catalogs and is one of my favorite accessories BR ever produced.  We don’t know what the original looked like exactly, though the drawing does tell us the […]

Banana Republic Catalogue #1 1979 Winter with Spring Update

 The first Banana Republic catalog is labeled Winter 1979 and would have come out at the same time or just after the Mill Valley store opened on the Friday after Thanksgiving in 1978. Catalogue #1 sets the Banana Republic story in motion and begins crafting the legend immediately. There is an interior page that illustrates [...]

Apocryphal Affiliates Shirts

I love, love, LOVE the Apocryphal Affiliates Shirts. The series of 4 was only sold in the summer 1986 catalog, and advertised as being in limited quantities and very rarely show up on eBay. The team at BR must have had a ball inventing these fictional colonialist sporting clubs and creating logos for each of […]

The Leather Walking Skirt

I’ve never owned a leather skirt. It seems like a serious commitment (but this one is going cheap if size 8 is your friend). The Leather Walking Skirt was offered in the Fall and Winter catalogs in both 1986 and 1987. It pairs well with the Amelia Earhart jacket, obviously. Throw in the leather flying […]