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Pages featuring posed clothing collections, called “Wardrobing” images. Featured in the front of the catalogs and usually built around the theme of the issue, they sparked the imagination both for fashion and travel. I always loved these well-dressed invisible couples and was gifted two colored pencil illustrations from the catalogs drawn by artists Nick Backes […]


Banana Republic stores often had large fiberglass animals on display. I have been told they were produced by artisans that usually worked for the San Francisco Academy of Sciences, although the quality is a little less realistic. Presumably there are examples of this scattered across the country as store fixtures were sold off or carried […]

Catalog #4 1980

Enjoy! Another very early catalog that gives us a glimpse at the workings of a small but growing company called Banana Republic. My favorite pieces are the Banana Republic silk-screened logo t-shirts which are advertised as being yellow! I'd love to see one in person sometime, but it's doubtful many survived. Note also the All-Night [...]

Banana Republic Store Artifacts

Banana Republic stores were each lavishly decorated with authentic vintage items as well as custom made items that reflected colonial safari and travel themes. Each store famously had a surplus Army Willy Jeep in the window, and often large museum quality animals such as elephants. The shoplifting detectors were disguised in large tusks framing the […]

Women’s Touring Jacket

Such a classic look from BR, this women’s Touring Jacket paired with a matching long skirt, the fabulous money belt and the famous Traveling Boots. The jacket differs from the classic safari jacket in the lack of breast pockets and a more tailored, elegant look. A khaki twist on the Amelia Earhart style.

Store Photos

A collection of photos of Banana Republic Travel & Safari stores I’ve purchased online from news archives. See also the photos in the BR Guidebook and the links to news articles on the History Page.

Banana Republic Catalogue #3 1980 Winter/Spring (Tiger)

 The third catalogue features a very striking tiger drawing from Patrica Gwilliam and it showcases a growing company in the hands of two excited (and no doubt exhausted) entrepreneurs.  One of the items that jumped out at me is the Australian Bush Jacket, which I believe is the piece that inspired the entire business when [...]