Patricia Ziegler photograph by Janet Fries. Wild Company.
Patricia Ziegler in front of the MillValley store circa 1978. Courtesy Wild Company. (
Production Artist Mike Madrid poses with darkroom manager Pandy Parsons at his desk at Banana Republic’s Bluxhome Street offices in the mid-1980’s. Livingstone the zebra, wearing a blue aviator’s scarf, keeps an eye on things from above.
The design staff lunching at the Cadallac Bar in San Francisco. Left to Right: Terry Stelling (design director), Paul (BR staff), Rob Stein (Illustrator), Terry Louie (production artist), Mike Madrid (design and production), Jeff Daly (production artist), and missing, the photographer, Kevin Sarkki (Illustrator, designer, production artist)

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  • greg mika on March 3, 2021

    Thank You so much for posting these….they really bring back memories of a time in my life when life was possible with adventure….Greg

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