Correspondent’s Jacket

Summer 1985

Produced from 1985-1987, the Correspondent’s jacket came in Khaki, Ivory, Olive and Pewter over the years and has a variation that comes with pockets on the sleeves. It’s the quintessential bush jacket inspired by globe trotting journalists.

From the catalog: ” An overseas tradition that has stood the test of Time, as well as Life, Newsweek, UPI and Reuters. Our new version, made of our pre-washed 100% cotton Outback Cloth, exudes character and venerability. Classic bush-jacket styling with epaulets, and bellows pockets with room enough for notebooks, tape recorder, and a flask of brandy for the chance icy encounter. The gathered waist adds dash; button sleeves roll up when the deadline rolls around. A jacket built for getting down and dirty in the field. Perfect for reporters who need to look as if they’ve been around even if they spent the war in the corner pub. Not recommended for Pravda correspondents, however-the jacket permits too much freedom of movement.”

Summer 1986. Khaki and Olive Drab. Note the sleeve pocket.
A Khaki sample with the rare sleeve pocket variation.
Sleeve pocket up close.
1987 (Khaki and Ivory) introduced new artwork and removed the sleeve pocket.
A khaki version without a pocket sleeve. Note that the chest pockets of the Correspondent’s Jacket have rounded corners.
An ivory version courtesy of Davy Collier.
Spring 86 showing the Pewter and Ivory versions.
Pewter Correspondent’s Jacket
Rounded corners on chest pockets.
Epaulettes, of course.

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