Men's Belts


The Linen and Calfskin Suspenders were only offered in the Holiday 1986 Catalogue, and the only pants with suspender buttons were the Covert Twill Trousers in the same issue. From the catalogue: “To some, a belt is merely a constricting device; suspenders do the same job while allowing greater comfort and better drape of one’s […]

Crossroads Belt

From Spring 1988: “East is east, west in west, and twain do meet on the buckle of our Crossroads Belt. We combined patterns we’d met in various regions of the world to produce this multi-ethnic motif. The buckle is antiqued silver plate; the slightly tapered belt is English leather. We beg Rudyard to reconsider.” Photos […]

British Land Forces Money Belt

Purchased from the supplier to the British Military, this British Land Forces Money Belt was sold from Fall 1984 to Summer 1985: “The factory that makes money belts for Her Majesty’s lads makes ours too. 100% cotton canvas, with a pouch and an official stamp of the royal crown. For extra security, you can wear […]