Men's Shoes

Trekking Boots

From Fall and Holiday 1987, the Men’s Sueded Cowhide Trekking Boots. “What good is a handsome pair of hiking boots if they’re gutless on the upgrade? No good. That’s why founder Mel Ziegler wear-tested these sturdy Italian-made boots on a rigorous trek to Machu Picchu. The response: unbridled enthusiasm, and his official stamp of approval. […]

Safari Socks

From the catalogue: “Dr. Livingstone wore socks like these, as did all the British is all the beastly climes of their empire. Indeed, ours are made by a sockmaker who has been cosseting feet in all the colonies (and former colonies) for a century. Fine combed cotton, turnover top, 18-inch leg; correctly imperial with a […]

Men’s Leather Hiking Boot

From the Fall 1985 Catalogue: “A classic that has never outlived its function: to support and protect the foot and ankle while maintaining a certain dignified standard of appearance. Made of supple, sturdy calfskin inside and out, with no gimmickry whatsoever; our only concessions to 20th century hardware are strong nylon laces and tough-as-nails, shock-muffling […]

Town and Bush Shoe

Replaced by the Leather and Canvas Safari Shoe, the Town and Bush Shoe was available from Spring 1985 through Holiday 1985: “A surprisingly lightweight shoe that looks and feels better with age. The ideal all-purpose travel shoes-equally suitable for village cobblestones, hikes in the rough, and city restaurants. True moccasin construction offers a hammock for […]

Shoe Bag

We are not sure the proper timeframe for this piece. It’s the only one we’ve ever seen, and while the presence of the Star and Banana would date it to the mid-80s, the font does not. Read more below… This was submitted by Friend to the Republic Wendy Joffe, who writes: “This is an item […]

Safari Shoe

The Leather and Canvas Safari Shoe has a very distinct look for a deck shoe, with its leather and canvas mix. It was sold from Spring 1986-Spring 1988. From the catalogue: “When we came upon boss of genuine Italian military canvas–tough, handsome, and (naturally) khaki colored–it seems as natural as walking to combine this strong […]

Foreign Legion Shoe and Boot

Introduced well before the Gap era, the Foreign Legion Shoe is billed as Mel Ziegler’s favorite shoe. The famous French Foreign Legion boot was made by Palladium and was called the Pampa, while the low-top version is an Oxford. Later on, the catalogue implies the shoe was replicated by Banana Republic (or made by Palladium […]