Women's Shoes

Women’s Leather Traveling Boot

An all-leather version of the famous Women’s Leather and Linen Traveling Boot was produced in Fall 1985. While it lacks the buckled straps of its sister, they were apparently sold with surplus Swiss leather and linen “gaiters” available in store. The catalogue copy partially matched the Leather and Linen version: “Most boots are just excess […]

Safari Socks

From the catalogue: “Dr. Livingstone wore socks like these, as did all the British is all the beastly climes of their empire. Indeed, ours are made by a sockmaker who has been cosseting feet in all the colonies (and former colonies) for a century. Fine combed cotton, turnover top, 18-inch leg; correctly imperial with a […]

Shoe Bag

We are not sure the proper timeframe for this piece. It’s the only one we’ve ever seen, and while the presence of the Star and Banana would date it to the mid-80s, the font does not. Read more below… This was submitted by Friend to the Republic Wendy Joffe, who writes: “This is an item […]

Women’s Traveling Shoes

Introduced in Spring 1985. From the catalogue: “At last–intelligently designed traveling shoes for women, blissfully comfortable for walking but dressy enough for dinner; shoes equally at home with skirts, pants, or shorts; shoes that mold to your feet, ad give when they swell. The heelless Vibram sole has ridges that grip the ground and cushion […]

Leather and Linen Walking Boots

From the 1987 catalogue: “Victorian ladies, when out for a constitutional, were well-shod in sturdily constructed boots that firmly cradled the ankle and instep. Our own lace-up boots are as comfortable as high-top sneakers but much more supportive of the walking woman. we used full-grain cowhide with a trim of tough, water-repellent, military-grade linen (the […]

Victorian Boots

Fall and Holiday 1987. From the catalogue: “Walking boots that travel smartly with a skirt are the legacy of the Victorians, who charted awesome mileage on foot while carrying on conversations worthy of Jane Austin. Ours, as trim a pair as ever roved, are made in Italy of soft, pebble-grained calfskin with leather lining and […]

Women’s Ranch Boot

Up for current auction, a beautiful pair of Women’s Leather Ranch Boots. From the catalog: “We modified the classic Western boot for women who pound pavements rather than punch cows. The insole is tenderly padded and the outsole covered in rubber, making the boots as luxurious to walk in as they are to look at, […]

Pedestrienne Boots

New Auction: These amazing mint condition Pedestrienne Boots in a fabulous BR boot box. “….I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.” -Robert Louis Stevenson Produced for Fall and Christmas 1987. From the catalog: “The English equestrienne boot is both elegant and pragmatic […]

Women’s Traveling Boots

I always thought these leather and linen Traveling Boots were way cool. The leather cuff, the floppy linen shaft contained by criss-crossed leather straps. So class and perfect with everything. The leather and linen combination made for some great looking bags as well. Page from Spring 1987. The boots were featured from Spring 1985 to […]