Women's Belts

Aztec Belt

From Spring 1988: “A sturdy union of fine English bridle leather and Aztec-influenced metalwork with contrasting top-stitching, this was the only belt co-founder Patricia Ziegler took with her to Burma last year. She says she needed no other.”

British Regiment Belt

First seen in Summer 1983 as the British Regiment Belt, this nifty two-buckle adjustable twill belt with English leather and brass fittings was re-introduced as the Twice Buckled Belt with an updated design (the new belt was not adjustable length and made of jute, leather and brass.) The British Regiment Belt was likely a copy […]

Kamarband Belt

From the Summer 1988 catalogue: “It was the Hindi word kamarband (“waistband”) that gave us the cummerbund, that elegant evening sash. Ours is made of striped cotton with leather closures and brass loop.” eBay photos February 2021 Salmon version

Woven Jute Belt

From the catalogue: “Natural jute, plaited in a diagonal weave and trimmed with a leather tip that doubles back to close on an antique brass stud. The slight “give” in the weave makes for exceptional comfort.”

Twice-Buckled Belt

First seen in 1983 as the British Regiment Belt, this nifty two-buckle adjustable twill belt was re-introduced as the Twice Buckled Belt with an updated design–the new belt was not adjustable length–and jute material. From Spring and Summer 1986, a cool belt with a very BR vibe to it. From the catalogue: “Truly a belt […]

Contour Belt

Summer 1986, Fall/Holiday 1987, Spring 1988. From the catalogue: “Pliant calfskin, heat-shrunk to create surface texture, and burnished with a hand iron. It’s tapered in back for comfort and–need we add?–to make the least of one’s waist.”

Mystery Belt

This remarkable belt came up for sale on eBay in September 2020. I am unable to locate it in the catalogue archive thus far. It’s VERY Banana Republic Travel & Safari Co. It has a distinctive layered look and has a double pronged buckle with an additional brass post to secure the end of the […]

Santa Fe Belt

From the Holiday 1987 catalogue: “It was the railroad, not the town, that inspired the name of this handsome bridle-leather belt. The nickle-plated studs on each side reminded us of so many passenger cars puffing through the desert. But the subtly dramatic design might also have been born in the New Mexico high country. A […]

Hip Belt

From the Fall 1987 Catalogue: “Certain clothes–slouchy sweaters, knit dresses, shirts over skirts–cry out for a hip belt. Ours is hip enough to hang out in cafes, order doppo espressos, and play bongos until dawn. Nothing square about it, not even the very very cool self-buckle.” Photos from September 2020 eBay auction.

Collar Stud Belt

My personal theory is that this was Patricia Ziegler’s favorite belt. Featured from 1984 through 1986 as an item and on numerous illustrations of other items of clothing. As the catalogue says, it’s a true classic. From the catalogue: “A terrific hip belt with heavy sweaters, a waist cincher with pants or safari dresses. Three […]

BR Beaded Belt

These Banana Republic Beaded Belts come in a wide variety of colors and are the most commonly seen early pre-GAP item on eBay. They were sold into 1984 (top image is from an order form centerfold) but were first seen in 1982. Advertised as “an American Indian condiment for your khakis”, they remind me of […]

Women’s Vaquera Belt

From the catalog: “In the 16th century two Portuguese brothers introduced seven cows and a bull to South America. Within 100 years, cattle had so overrun the pampas that legions of caballeros had to be recruited to round them up. At the vaqueria-as these expeditions were called-a young man could gain proficiency with lasso and […]

The “Save-The-Tiger” Belt

“For the cat person of conscience” comes the Save-The-Tiger belt. An essential accessory that pulls many a BR outfit together with a bit of an edge. I think it’s a beautiful belt that would be shocking were it to have an actual tiger tooth, certainly, but it feels like a missed opportunity not to donate […]

Women’s Leather Money Belt

This attractive and practical english leather wallet and keychain belt is so perfectly Banana Republic Travel and Safari I’m surprised it wasn’t a staple of the catalogs for years. Instead this was only seen Summer 1986, Fall and Holiday, and Spring 1987. From the catalogue: “A liberating alternative to the cumbersome handbag-cum-wallet system: and inch-wide […]