Women's Clothes

The Leather Walking Skirt

I’ve never owned a leather skirt. It seems like a serious commitment (but this one is going cheap if size 8 is your friend). The Leather Walking Skirt was offered in the Fall and Winter catalogs in both 1986 and 1987. It pairs well with the Amelia Earhart jacket, obviously. Throw in the leather flying […]

Women’s Leather Money Belt

This attractive and practical english leather wallet and keychain belt is so perfectly Banana Republic Travel and Safari I’m surprised it wasn’t a staple of the catalogs for years. Instead, as blog-reader Eli pointed out, this was only seen in late 1986 (Fall and Holiday Update). Note the classic BR logo stamp on the backside. […]

The Bushman’s Raincoat

Introduced in the Fall 1985 “Notes from the Outback” catalog, the Bushman’s Raincoat is one of the more distinctive items BR produced. It’s about as dramatic and interesting as a raincoat gets and will make you look like you stepped right out of the 1982 Aussie film “Man From Snowy River” (my own mother’s favorite […]

Bush Vest

The Hooded Bush Vest is one of the few items that was present pretty much all the way through the Banana Republic catalog run. It is featured in my earliest catalog, Holiday 1982, and probably dates back even earlier. It was in the final fall 1988 catalog and every catalog in between. The size of […]

No Mistake

I was delighted when the WordPress robots told me about Cynthia Closkey’s recent post about the Banana Republic “Weekend Dress” that was inspired by my upload of the Soviet Safari Catalog. It’s humorously accurate…. “Banana Republic is nothing like this now, as we know. Now, it’s more like eternal casual Friday at a law firm.”) […]

The “Save-The-Tiger” Belt

No Tigers were harmed in the creation of this blog post…not that I didn’t think long and hard about it…. “For the cat person of conscience” comes the Save-The-Tiger belt. Now, I can appreciate getting the message out that the Bengal tiger is endangered, (and remains so 25 years later) but one might think that […]

Women’s Traveling Boots

I always thought these leather and linen Traveling Boots were way cool. The leather cuff, the floppy linen shaft contained by criss-crossed leather straps. So class and perfect with everything. The leather and linen combination made for some great looking bags as well. Some photos of boots from earlier auctions: Catalog pages relating to this […]