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  • ZieglerFanBoy on February 7, 2018

    Thank you Thank you THANK YOU!!!!

    • Robyn Adams on February 7, 2018

      My pleasure!

      • AJ Gerber on March 14, 2021

        This is a great site. I really miss the old BR. Looking at these catalogs now I really appreciate the amount of artistry that went into them.
        Thanks for sharing. The idea and spirit of BR lives on.

        • Robyn Adams on March 18, 2021

          Thanks for visiting!

    • Abu bakar mohd sheriff on October 10, 2020

      I have an old classic Banana republic Safari travel jacket with multiple pockets. Authentic .made in Hong Kong with a print San Francisco at the collar. In pristine condition. How much do you you I can retail

      • Robyn Adams on October 20, 2020

        Sounds great! If it says San Francisco on the label it is a post-Safari era piece. Early 90s.

  • Angelia Mitchell on October 5, 2018

    I have an old shopping bag with the elephant on the front in good condition. Is there a descent market for something like this and where would I go?

  • Scott DeRoy on October 15, 2022

    October 14, 2022

    Who handles communications for secret and Abandoned Republic?

    I purchased three vintage Banana Republic catalogs and used the mail form on the site as well to send a message. This is my first order.

    No reply after my order confirmation and no shipping updates with tracking info concerning my purchases. My order has yet to arrive.

    Is someone going to ease my concerns with an answer?

    Thank you

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