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Featured Men's Shirts Platonic ShirtThis shirt is an exciting find, as it’s quite rare due to a limited run in only two early catalogues; Originally introduced in the Summer 1984 catalogue and discontinued after the Fall 1984 catalogue, the artwork for the Platonic shirt was changed in the Fall catalogue with a more accurate illustration [...]

Men’s Pants

Featured Items: Men's Pants Mediterranean ShortsFrom the Spring 86 catalogue: “Our male customers had been longing for shorts like these; now they long no longer. Our Mediterranean Shorts are lightweight yet crisp-looking. Best of all, they’re made of incomparable Naturalist’s Cloth: cool, pre-washed, pigment-dyed in subtle natural colors. From Malaga to Malibu, the sanest way [...]

Men’s Belts


Featured Items: Men's Jackets Barn JacketThis is a mystery jacket not shown in the catalogues. It has a leather collar, a plaid lining with two large pockets in the inside back of the jacket. Judging by the tag I’m guessing 1986-ish? Read moreFour Winds Jacket AKA Windbuffer JacketOriginally called the Four Winds Jacket in Spring [...]


Banana Republic Sweaters: Featured Items Impressionist SweaterFrom the Spring 1987 catalogue, this 100% cotton sweater was made in Italy. “In creating this sweater we used yarn the way Monet, Sisley and Cezanne used daubs of paint: to reproduce the shimmering effect of light in the natural world. Thus, each “color” is really a palette of [...]


Men’s Shorts

Expedition ShortsThe staple Men’s Short from 1985-1988, the Expedition Short is easily distinguished by the wide belt loops in the front. From the catalogue: “No fewer than six deep, roomy pockets-two in the back, four in the front. The tough cotton canvas is pre-washed for the look of an old salt.” Read more

Men’s Shoes

Featured Items: Men's Shoes Shoe BagWe are not sure the proper timeframe for this piece. It’s the only one we’ve ever seen, and while the presence of the Star and Banana would date it to the mid-80s, the font does not. Read more below… This was submitted by Friend to the Republic Wendy Joffe, who [...]


Herringbone VestWhat’s interesting about this vest is it was sold in Fall 1988 but it’s label says 1986! It’s the same 1986 Original Design label seen on the Photojournalist Vest. From the Fall 1988 catalogue: “We’ve always felt that vests encompass the best of both worlds: warmth without weight or constraint. We’ve styled a sleek, [...]

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