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Featured Men's Shirts Architect’s Plaid ShirtFrom the final catalogue, Fall 1988: “Form follows function in the magnified plaid of this mediumweight cotton shirt. The cording in the fabric sets it apart slightly from the skin, making this already generously cut shirt even more breathable and comfortable. With two perfectly proportioned front-button pockets and a locker [...]

Men’s Pants

Featured Items: Men's Pants Lawn Bowling TrousersPairing with an Apocryphal Affiliates Shirt or an Italian Waiter’s Jacket made for a stylish ensemble. From the Summer 1986 Catalogue: “The serenity of a summer morning…the patience of men awaiting their turns…the beauty of a ball describing a slow, shrewd arc as it kisses the jack and comes [...]

Men’s Belts


Featured Items: Men's Jackets Gabardine SportcoatFrom the Fall 1987 Catalogue: “When Bogart donned gabardine, he raised gumshoeing from hack trade to high art. We’ve applied the same precedent to our Gabardine Jacket. The styling suggests countrified tweeds, but the fabric bespeaks utter urbanity–it’s a silky wool and cotton blend we found in an old British [...]


Banana Republic Sweaters: Featured Items Winter Tennis VestFrom the Fall/Holiday 1987 catalogue: “On cold, wet winter days, when the closest you can come to racquet sports is a desultory game of Ping-Pong, our Winter Tennis Vest is a remembrance of swings (and springs) past. V-necked and striped like a traditional tennis vest, it’s as soft [...]


Men’s Shorts

Mediterranean ShortsFrom the Spring 86 catalogue: “Our male customers had been longing for shorts like these; now they long no longer. Our Mediterranean Shorts are lightweight yet crisp-looking. Best of all, they’re made of incomparable Naturalist’s Cloth: cool, pre-washed, pigment-dyed in subtle natural colors. From Malaga to Malibu, the sanest way to go out in [...]

Men’s Shoes

Featured Items: Men's Shoes Safari SocksFrom the catalogue: “Dr. Livingstone wore socks like these, as did all the British is all the beastly climes of their empire. Indeed, ours are made by a sockmaker who has been cosseting feet in all the colonies (and former colonies) for a century. Fine combed cotton, turnover top, 18-inch [...]


Herringbone VestWhat’s interesting about this vest is it was sold in Fall 1988 but it’s label says 1986! It’s the same 1986 Original Design label seen on the Photojournalist Vest. From the Fall 1988 catalogue: “We’ve always felt that vests encompass the best of both worlds: warmth without weight or constraint. We’ve styled a sleek, [...]

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