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Women’s Dresses

Featured Dresses and Skirts Side-Snap Suede SkirtFrom the Fall 1985 catalogue: “A skirt rather like the women of today–smart, sophisticated, ready for absolutely anything, tough, and soft at the same time. The velvety pigskin suede gives and conforms to the body, doesn’t easily wrinkle, doesn’t show dirt, can’t tear or snag–in short, boldly withstands the [...]

Women’s Shirts

Featured Items: Women's Shirts Coleroon ShirtThe rather remarkable catalogue copy for the Coleroon Shirt describes the defeat of the Sultan of Mysore and the British adoption of pajamas from India. This women’s shirt is commonly mistaken for a men’s shirt in auctions. From the 1987 Holiday Catalogue: ” The English were laced up like pork [...]

Women’s Shoes

Featured Women's Shoes and Boots: Women’s Ranch BootUp for current auction, a beautiful pair of Women’s Leather Ranch Boots. From the catalog: “We modified the classic Western boot for women who pound pavements rather than punch cows. The insole is tenderly padded and the outsole covered in rubber, making the boots as luxurious to walk [...]

Women’s Pants

Featured Items: Women's Pants and Shorts Women’s FlightsuitsI imagine over the years Banana Republic carried some surplus military flightsuits, though there is only one appearance in a catalog, the 1982 Sale Flier. Flightsuits were a staple women’s garment for BR from 1984-1988. I think it’s interesting that they only made them for women, but [...]

Women’s Jackets

Featured Women's Jackets Athletic ClothingAthletic clothing was a regular feature in the catalogs, dating back to the early days. A “Jogging Suit” was offered in the 1983 catalogue. In 1985 a line of fleece Athletic Clothing was introduced and it had the a Banana Republic Athletic Department emblem using the Parrot Logo printed on them. [...]

Women’s Belts

Featured Women's Belts Regiment Belt AKA Twice-Buckled BeltFirst seen in 1983-84 as the British Regiment Belt, this nifty two-buckle adjustable jute belt was re-introduced as the Twice Buckled Belt with an updated design (the new belt was not adjustable length). It’s unclear if the first Regiment belt was actual surplus, as seems likely. From Spring [...]


Banana Republic Sweaters: Featured Items Irish Linen PulloverThis sweater was introduced in 1984 and sold through 1985, and in that short time was produced in a number of colors; most commonly in natural tones, but also yellow, blue and lilac. Made in Hong Kong it is composed of cotton and linen. From the catalogue: “A [...]



Up Vest“In this day and age, an outdoor vest that’s not full of feathers is down-right distinguished. We thought of calling ours the No-Down vest, but that sounded like a real estate deal. We’d rather dwell on the uplifting qualities of brushed cotton twill, the wool-knit collar and waistband, teh cabin-cozy flannel lining. Filled with [...]


Giraffe Bolo TieFrom reader Gary Pinkerton we have a rare look at the Summer 1985 (Africa issue) Giraffe Bolo Tie. A bronze giraffe on a suede lace string with copper beads, this was issued in a plastic bag with a printed card inside. Amazingly, Gary kept the whole thing, which we are very grateful to [...]

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