Banana Republic Catalogue #3 1980 Winter/Spring (Tiger)

 The third catalogue features a very striking tiger drawing from Patrica Gwilliam and it showcases a growing company in the hands of two excited (and no doubt exhausted) entrepreneurs.  One of the items that jumped out at me is the Australian Bush Jacket, which I believe is the piece that inspired the entire business when Mel returned from down under with a jacket that Patricia modified. 

Jungle fatigues for kids! I can only imagine what the origins of this surplus item were. Are they truly designed for kids or did they get a deal on very small sized uniforms?

 The catalog has a number of small surplus items such as foot powder or sunburn cream. Many of these are still easy to find and are presumably the same items as BR was selling. 

About The Author

Robyn Adams
Robyn's fascination with Banana Republic began in 1984 when her Alaskan adventurer father began buying the clothing and giving her the catalogs. She loved the clothes and as an artist she was drawn to the illustrations. She went on to study illustration at art college in BR's hometown of San Francisco and worked for years as a background artist for animation. She is now based in Oakland, CA as a graphic designer and illustrator with Secret Fan Base . She's been collecting and archiving at Abandoned Republic since 2011.


  • Chris Rehm on August 8, 2019

    It’s a shame they sold it! They had a fabulous and unique store. I loved getting their catalogs every month… and buying from them! In the end Corporate changed it into a cardboard cliche of what it had been originally.

  • john dewitte cottingham jr on August 3, 2020

    genius thank you xxxxxxxxxxxx

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