Banana Republic Catalog #26 Fall 1986 The Inca Trail

Banana Republic Catalog 29 Fall 1986 Cover uncredited (Stein?)

Catalog 29, the Fall 1986 Catalog takes us On the Inca Trail with Mel and Patricia Ziegler. From start to finish, this a is a fantastic BR catalog, one of my personal favorites. The cover is a classic,  tightly rendered and harmonious in color and composition. The cover artists in uncredited, sadly, but our money is on Rob Stein.

The catalog as a whole is one of the best. It may be that I just favor autumn colors, but the color palette is really pleasing. Everything is fully rendered in the same style, there are no more holdovers from the earlier era, the whole thing is just really solid and pleasing.

The travelogue is also terrific, as Mel and Patricia acclimate to the high altitude and unfamiliar surroundings to embark on a walking trek through the Andes with their guide Pepe to the legendary and mysterious Macchu Picchu.


  • Robert Stein III on April 20, 2015

    “our money is on Rob Stein.”
    You are indeed correct sir.

  • Robyn on June 2, 2015

    Thanks for the confirmation, Mr. Stein! It’s an amazing painting…

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