Women's Jackets

Amelia Earhart Jacket

This amazing jacket was made in two different styles. The Fall/Xmas 1986 version is brown with a button-on mouton collar attachment and striped lining (photos courtesy Tiff Wimberly). The following year they offered the jacket in dark brown without the attachment and with a quilted lining. The 1987 version is pictured below thanks to fellow […]

Donegal Tweed Jacket

From the Holiday 1987 catalogue: “When not practicing their storyteller’s art, the imaginative Irish of County Donegal weave colorful yarns of a more tangible sort. Donegal tweeds are unpredictable: All misty hues, nubby textures, and hearty character, the color-flecked warp and weft of a true Donegal mirrors the changing moods of both isle and artisan. […]

Jean Jacket

This jean jacket matches the Denim Skirt. From the 1986 catalogue: “To us, this perennial classic epitomizes American style. Ours is traditionally detailed but in all other respects a long way from basic jean jacket. We garment-washed the pigment-dyed denim to get rid of it’s stiffness, then lined it in soft Portuguese flannel. In the […]

Wool Naval Cape

The 1987 “Cape of Two Countries” was a grey wool replica of a blue wool surplus French Naval Cape sold in 1986. The blue wool cape was appropriately reviewed by vampire novelist Anne Rice. ” When I took it out of the box, I knew it was mine. Any self-respecting vampire would adore it. Throw […]

Wool and Mouton Jacket

The Women’s Limited Edition Wool & Mouton Jacket. From the catalogue: “While designing our leather Amelia Earhart jacket (see page 39) we made the prototype out of some surplus military-grade wool we’d bought in Sweden. We liked the sample so much that we rounded up more of the wool–a superlatively dense fabric that had been […]

Women’s Bush Jacket

The Women’s Bush Jacket was was originally sold as the Tropical Bush Jacket in Summer 1985 (in Ivory only), renamed the Women’s Bush Jacket in Spring 1986 in Ivory and then sold Fall 1987 in Khaki only. It seems the first versions were lightweight cotton twill and the 1987 version is mediumweight pre-washed cotton. Otherwise […]

Women’s Safari Suit Jacket

While a safari suit jacket and pants combo was available for men throughout the safari era, a proper Safari Suit for women was available at limited times: only Summer 1986 in Ivory and Spring/Summer 87 in Pewter. The cut and style of the Safari Jacket seems to be identical to the Women’s Bush Jacket except […]

Mombasa Suit

I love the marketing for this wonderful suit. It’s all classic Banana Republic, with a great spread of artwork with background art that inspires the imagination and catalog copy that manages to namedrop both Isak “Out of Africa” Dinesen and St. Tropez. It really makes you want to be this person. From the catalogue: “Mombasa,” […]

Duster Coat

One of the reasons I enjoy this hobby is spotting an item that doesn’t quite match the artwork. Case in point, the Duster Coat. Made of cotton Expedition Cloth in ivory and olive, it has a classic BR look that the catalogue artwork doesn’t really convey. The 1988 catalogue art generally lacks the character of […]

Traveler’s Raincoat

From the catalogue: “Most “travel raincoats” are sorry affairs that cling uselessly to one’s limbs. Ours weighs just 26 ounces and folds into a compact envelope, yet springs out looking like the dashing, authoritative garment it is. Like the U.S. Marine corps, we chose a nylon fabric that’s sturdy without being heavy, and discourages rain, […]

Women’s Equestrienne Jacket

This elegant and stylish jacket was only offered in Fall 1985 and came as a suit with a skirt (not pictured). From the catalogue: “Elegant and romantic as the gaslight era, yet bold as its dauntless horsewomen, the Equestrienne Suit was inspired by a turn-of-the-century riding outfit. We took this thoroughbred of a design and […]

Women’s Battle Jacket

From the catalog: “It wasn’t fashion that inspired the World War II uniform known as battledress; it was economy. Because there simply wasn’t enough fabric around to make the customary kidney-covering tunics, wartime tailors whipped up a waist-length version instead. Ike liked it, and so did a lot of enlisted men-women too, who especially appreciated […]

True Surplus: RCAC Jacket

This is a nice piece of authentic military surplus that was not featured in the catalog, presumably due to more limited quantities. A beautiful wool with silk lining women’s uniform jacket from the RCAC-Royal Canadian Army Cadets, a youth ROTC-type program of the Canadian Army. Complete with price tag and “Discovered By Banana Republic” tag, […]

Women’s Touring Jacket

Such a classic look from BR, this women’s Touring Jacket paired with a matching long skirt, the fabulous money belt and the famous Traveling Boots. The jacket differs from the classic safari jacket in the lack of breast pockets and a more tailored, elegant look. A khaki twist on the Amelia Earhart style.