Safari Rain Hat

This handsome safari style hat appears as early as the 1982 Holiday Catalogue and runs into Summer 1985. From the catalogue: “A crease-holding crown vented by four grommets, with a dozen rows of stitching that give shape to the brim. A most civilized off-white silky puggaree band. The waterproofed cotton chino hat keeps the noodle […]

Donegal Tweed Sportsman’s Cap

From the Fall 1984 catalogue: “This genuine Irish cap is distinguished by two features. The brimsnaps down, and the back sits low. Our hatmaker, David Hanna, the world’s last tailor of true Donegal caps, actually handcuts the already handwoven fabric to achieve the exceptional fit. In the literary cafe of dublin, this is the cp […]

Roll-Up Hat

From the 1987 catalogue a bucket style hat similar to the Desert Hat and Snap-Brim Jungle Hat. : “For the sudden shower, the moonlight stroll, or the morning hike that lats into midday: a water-repellent cotton twill hat so compact and lightweight that one hardly notices it–particularly when it’s rolled up and stored in a […]

Desert Hat

Sold from 1982 to 1986, the Desert Hat is a classic “bucket hat” distinguished from the Snap-Brim Jungle Hat that replaced it primarily by the hat band, which is divided up by stitching on the Desert Hat. From the catalogue: “A cool, all-cotton hat to spare your head the sun’s worst punishment. Rolls up to […]

Australian Bushman’s Hat (1984)

The larger-brimmed predecessor to the Fur Felt Safari Hat, the Bushman’s Hat was made for Banana Republic by the famous Australian hat maker Akubra. The hat was sold for $95, much more than the Fur Felt Safari Hat. From the 1984 catalogue: “The 120-year-old Akubra company, one of only a handful of fur felt hat […]

Panama Hat

There were three different versions of the Panama Hat; 1984/85 puggaree band, 1986 braided leather band, and 1987 grosgrain band. From the 1985 catalogue: “When our most swashbuckling president wore his jauntiest star hat to oversee construction of the Panama Canal, every American male suddenly had to have one. But, unlike Teddy Roosevelt himself, these […]

Town and Bush Hat

A very wide brimmed water-repellant hat. From the Holiday 1987 catalogue: “Some things you can do with this hat: Push it back to scan for storm fronts, wear it for protection when it rains, flips cards into it to pass a slow afternoon. Of French design in a sturdy herringbone twill, nicely finished inside and […]

Expedition Hat

From the Fall/Holiday 1986 Catalogue: “The sun may have set on the British Empire, but it will shine eternally on this British wool felt hat. The sturdy leather band is buckled like a belt; air grommets and grosgrain sweatband help you keep a cool head. It even looks good hanging on the wall back at […]

Snap-Brim Jungle Hat

This hat was featured Spring/Summer 1986 and also Spring 1988. It is similar to the Desert Hat, another bucket style hat which preceded it as well as the Roll-Up Hat. From the catalogue: “We won’t elaborate on all the things that can fall on your head in the tropics, aside from excessive sun–suffice to say […]

Tuscan Vinter Hat

Spring/Summer 1986 and Spring 1988. From the catalogue: “We originally saw this hat on the head of a winemaker taking a stroll through his rocky Chianti vineyard. But like all sturdy vinatges, it travels well, as one of the country’s leading vintners confirmed.” The catalogue goes on to quote famed Northern California winemaker Robert Mondavi […]

Bush Hat

Another staple item in the Banana Republic arsenal, the French Army Bush hat was a relatively inexpensive and popular item. Nothing quite topped off a Hooded Bush Vest better. Introduced in 1983 and sold until 1988 and then even beyond the Safari era. It was sold in three colors, Khaki, Khaki Tan and Stone. I’ve […]

Fur Felt Safari Hat

In 1985 the Fur Felt Safari Hat replaced the Bushman’s Hat. Priced at $56 it was no longer made by Akubra but was made in the USA. It was a regular item that defined the Safari look until Spring 1988. The hats appear a lot on the current market, a testament to their popularity, quality […]

Incognito Hat

From Fall and Holiday 1987, a marvelous wool felt hat in black or olive with a wide curved brim. From the catalogue: “A wide-brimmed hat betokens and intriguing past, while shielding a woman’s face from overbright sun or impudent stares. The cotton twill band gives nothing away.”

Women’s Wool Felt Fedora

From the Fall 1988 catalogue: “A classic fedora in soft, malleable wool felt, with pugaree band. If the mood should strike, the brim is just wide enough to pull the wool over your eyes.” Photos from eBay September 2020.

Lambskin Flight Helmet

This is classic Banana Republic, offered in nearly every catalog until Spring 1987.  From the catalogue: “A menacingly true reproduction of the notorious Red Baron flight helmet in soft glove-weight lambskin. This is official headgear in our Banana Republic Air Force.   

The Pith Helmet

From the catalogue: “From Her Majesty’s former burden, the colony of India, comes our genuine Bombay Bowler. Water repellent khaki cotton covers the pith. Positively sunroof. For extra protection on particularly scorching days, we suggest dunking the hat occasionally in cool water.” The Pith Helmet was a staple of Banana Republic from the very beginning. […]

Traveler’s Roll-Up Hat

The Traveler’s Roll Up Hat was a popular item featured from 1983-1987. The wool hat from England was designed to pop back into shape after being rolled up in a pocket or suitcase. It provides a no-fuss, classic look that truly evokes Banana Republic to me.

Gurkha Hat

A rare sighting on eBay was this stunning example of the Gurkha Hat. It seem like a perfect hat for the Banana Republic Travel and Safari Company to sell (especially with all the Gurkha Shorts they sold!) but surprisingly, this hat was only featured once, in the 1983 Holiday catalog. It was made in England […]