Men's Pants

Cotton Canvas Athletic Shorts

Cotton Canvas Athletic Shorts from Spring 1988.“Today’s high-tech activewear persists in ignoring certain basic human needs: e.g., pockets–essential for hiking or perambulating at large. Our Athletic Shorts are thoughtfully equipped with two side-seam pockets for keys and money, plus a rear one with buttons for wallets or other rectangular impedimenta. The elastic waistband is rather […]

Lawn Bowling Trousers

Pairing with an Apocryphal Affiliates Shirt or an Italian Waiter’s Jacket made for a stylish ensemble. From the Summer 1986 Catalogue: “The serenity of a summer morning…the patience of men awaiting their turns…the beauty of a ball describing a slow, shrewd arc as it kisses the jack and comes to a stop. The very British […]

British Drill Trousers

British Drill Trousers (AKA Safari Trousers) were limited surplus items from 1980 until Fall 1983 when they were mass-produced by BR through 1985. They have the same waist as the Gurkha Shorts. From the 1980 Catalogue No. 4: “These spectacular British safari trousers, an inspired creation of Her Majesty’s tailors, were made for colonial wear […]

Gurkha Shorts

Gurkha Shorts originally were called British Safari Shorts when they were authentic surplus items. When they were mass produced they were renamed Gurkha Shorts and were sold for most of the run of the safari catalogues and even into the post-Ziegler 1989-90 era. From the 1985 catalogue: “The year was 1814. A young British lieutenant […]

Men’s Outback Shorts

Debuting in the Spring 1985 Catalogue, Men’s Outback Shorts did not run as long as Women’s Outback Shorts: “Hiking the harsh, demanding Outback, you carry as little extra equipment as possible and look for practical ways to distribute essentials. How best to manage this problem? Witness our Outback Shorts with expandable cargo bellows pockets and […]

Save The Wales Pants

The Cotton Corduroy Save-The-Wales Pants were sold in the Fall 1987 catalogue, with copy written by a unrepentant clothing geek: “A world without wales? Unthinkable! Yet wales are virtually an endangered species, most wearing thin quicker than you can say “cetacean.” The wales on our corduroy are preserved for posterity because the fabric’s woven in […]

Mediterranean Shorts

From the Spring 86 catalogue: “Our male customers had been longing for shorts like these; now they long no longer. Our Mediterranean Shorts are lightweight yet crisp-looking. Best of all, they’re made of incomparable Naturalist’s Cloth: cool, pre-washed, pigment-dyed in subtle natural colors. From Malaga to Malibu, the sanest way to go out in the […]

Men’s Fatigue Pants

100% cotton fatigues sold in Khaki, olive drab and sand in the 1986-1987 catalogues. From the catalogue: “Designed by Uncle Sam’s tailors to prove we Yanks have a few good ideas of our own. Fatigues are the best of both worlds-a pair of military pants that was made for nonmilitary wear. Tow buttoned back pockets.”

Expedition Shorts

The staple Men’s Short from 1985-1988, the Expedition Short is easily distinguished by the wide belt loops in the front. From the catalogue: “No fewer than six deep, roomy pockets-two in the back, four in the front. The tough cotton canvas is pre-washed for the look of an old salt.”

Populist Pants

Available from Spring 1987 through Spring 1988. From the catalog: ““Raise less corn and more hell!” So admonished a tough-spirited slogan of the Populist movement back in the 1890s. Styles have come and gone since then, but certain values persist. Our Populist Pants, steeped in grass-roots sensibility and the simple good sense of solid workmanship, […]

Ventile Poplin Safari Pants

Prior to Fall 1984 the line of safari jacket and pants were called “Kenya Safari Clothing” and were made for BR by the American outfitter Willis & Geiger. For more info, see Safari Jackets This changed in Fall 1984 when Ventile Poplin was introduced, according to the catalogue: ” As the premier, pre-eminent purveyor of […]

Kenya Convertibles

The Kenya Convertibles are a concept Banana Republic did not invent, and it’s a common item now from other outfitters, but let’s just say BR made them famous. The idea was featured in 1982 and resurrected as BR factory made item in Summer 1985 and was a staple item through Fall 1988. From the Catalog: […]

Richard Walker’s Pants

Richard Walker is mentioned in the Wild Company book (pg. 106) as an American working in London as a buyer who helped connect the Zieglers with Mr. Brady for the Traveling Bag, among others. When they ran into difficulties with fussy English factories he sent them to Italy for designing their leather and linen bags. […]

Franco Pants

The “Franco Pants” are one of the more memorable pieces of surplus for Banana Republic, first listed in 1983 and resurrected in 1985. The story told in the text is that the pants were designed by the Spanish dictator himself and the distinctive bullseye pattern stitched into the rear end was there so he could […]